Explaining Antiquity

The Dutch name Stichting Wetenschapsvoorlichting Oudheid (SWO) is hard to translate into English, but the aim of this foundation can be explained: it supports initiatives to improve the way the results of archaeological, philological, and historical research are presented to the general audience.

To paraphrase that famous question about trees falling without making sound: if a researcher publishes something and nobody knows about it, is it scholarship? In our view, the progress of knowledge absolutely requires testing and pushback, the first step of which is wide dissemination.

Supporting the ancient studies

The Stichting Wetenschapsvoorlichting Oudheid uses a wide definition of Antiquity: Classical Greece and Rome cannot be studied without the ancient Near East and Central Europe, while archaeologists, philologists, and historians cannot perform their tasks properly when they do not work together.

The foundation sponsors small-scale, innovative projects. You can think of bringing information to a higher level by adding methodological explanation, disseminating information more rapidly and more widely, or new ways to guide people to the information they need.


The foundation was created by a gift and is supported by new gifts. If you share our belief that the humanities can only survive if their insights are widely disseminated, you can wire money to

Stichting Wetenschapsvoorlichting Oudheid

IBAN NL25 INGB 0006 2904 08


The Stichting Wetenschapsvoorlichting Oudheid has been registered as a non-profit organization in the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam (Netherlands) with number 5908.5045.

You can reach us  here.